User Reviews For: Villain To The Rescue! -Reborn To Change Her Fiance's Fate!-


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animepie Rating
I'm enjoying it so far. It starts off with the dark premise of the main character's favourite being doomed to die no matter what so she's doing whatever she can to make it not happen. The MC is absolutely true to her desire in trying to make sure her fiancé doesn't die by trying to set him up with the heroine. The ML is absolutely my type: a charming, kind, earnest knight. I'm looking forward to his and the MC's relationship development. The story has been both hilarious but incredibly endearing to me. It's your usual reborn villainess story but it's been a fun time so far.
tomo Rating
Such an adorable and relatable main character and love interest!!! The story is funny, interesting, and romantic <3
tm2yk Rating
So far so good.
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