User Reviews For: My Dearest Cop [VertiComix]


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TomatoKah91 Rating
Aaaaaah! I'm so happy this is in full colour now! I just can't get enough of these guys, they're too good! And Chico, steals every panel!
MioAkiyama Rating
Read An Innocent Puppy Meets a Two-Faced Cat first and then come over to read My Dearest cop! You'll see recurring characters and wow. I really love the age gap so much. It's filled with joy, smutty scenes, and comedy. I really love Niyama sensei's light-hearted BL stories that puts your heart right at the target zone <3
Tox Rating
Its was really nice lol. Chapter II is makin me nervous ;_;
AgeGapQueen Rating
I love this very much. The art is wonderful and the characters are very expressive. The story is nice and the relationship develops at a good pace, and also with some realistic moments in there.There is comedy throughout, and drama as well. It's an excellent read.The verticomix version is now in color! I highly recommend it!
amoontea Rating
i love this couple so much ???? the art is so nice. a very light-read too. exactly what i need ???
Endtud Rating
It is good