User Reviews For: That Time a Gangster Was Reincarnated into a Historical Era -Nobunaga Wants to Make Me His Page!?-


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lolbriseis Rating
Oh my god I'm hooked, I'm excited and I am INVESTED in this story!!!
LQLattiner Rating
Chapters 1-3 are a fun and cute take on a reincarnation story, and I'm a sucker for historic themes, but I was really impressed by Chapter 4 as it digs into some interesting plot points! Now eagerly looking forward to the next chapter!
SadAsian Rating
Love this, just finished ch5 and things are really getting interesting. Love the art and the story has a solid plot
RiensNook Rating
Beautiful art and actual involvement of culture into the world, this is an absolute masterpiece! We are not just dumped into the world for sex and smut, but there is world building, fights and well written characters too! Wonderful.
MariannaKh Rating
I have been waiting for this! So much suspense and so well drawn ^_^ can't wait for more!!
ambiibambi24 Rating
I'm a sucker for this kind of BL and it didn't disappoint
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