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I absolutely love this. Instant favorite. It's sweet and while the characters are complicated, they make it work. Pretty art. Hot sexy scenes. A lot of good feels.
I love this story and this author! I really hope the rest of the manga will be available on Renta soon.
Super cute. Super hot!
This was unexpectedly delightful. With cross dressing stories, there's always a risk of it playing out in a disparaging fashion. That doesn't happen here. It's a low-impact plot perfect for a short storyline and it's hot. I loved it!
Loved it. Cute and hot.
Absolutely adorable. I enjoyed this way more than I was expecting. I thought the premise was going to play out cheesy, and it does a bit, but the developing relationship and all the emotions is the real plot. So wholesome and lovely.
I enjoyed the manga. It does have the consent issues many manga stories have, but I've read worse. I keep my fan-glasses tuned into the fact that this is totally fiction/fantasy. I love the art and do hope the artist will keep making manga!
Fluffy, adorable, and not smutty enough for my taste. It's a great read if you're looking for wholesome content without a lot of conflict. The art is fantastic. Very cute.
I really enjoyed this manga. It's heartfelt and sweet. The characters have a great relationship as friends and are blind to their emotions until it all spills out. The plot hits a lot of cliche marks in the best ways. Hot sexy scenes. Feels for days. I loved it!
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