User Reviews For: Courted by a Soldier -Hundred-Year-Old Vintage Lovemaking-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I love this mangaka!!!!! Her artwork and storytelling is always beautiful and captivating no matter the subject. She's so versatile!!! Please check out all her other works!! Won't be disappointed. Takeo is so handsome and regal. I swoon hard for that man. And Shunna is lovely. It's fantasy mixed with living in the modern age, so I'm really curious about how this will end. But I'm here for it!!!! It's bittersweet and romantic and ch. 2 leaves off on a big cliffy. I'm staying tuned!!!
superkohai Rating
Sweet story! Artwork is beautiful. I love to re-read this series.
laura123 Rating
Such a good story.wished they could stay in the past cause the brother was awesome.shunna could adapt to those times.but overall I'm happy they had a happy ending.
Celfox Rating
I thought this would conclude after 3 chapters as I nice little contained story which was endearing whilst having some incredibly hot scenes which Id have given 4 stars too. Then chapter 4 chucked in a plot curveball and now I'm ready for it!!
jooynguyenn2001 Rating
I absolutely love this story. I just hope for less waiting time though. The plot is great and the smut is what I'm waiting for. Oh and soldier x 21st-century girl, I love these time-traveling romances. I would recommend to people.
hypothesisdriven Rating
I'm surprised there are not more reviews... the art and story are my cup of tea, I hope there's more!
Envymi Rating
Very nice story , i like
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