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aB34UT1FULdeath Rating
Cute art. Nice simple story so far (at Ch 4), but about to throwdown a certain someone if he doesn't start acting right in the next chapter. *glares* But every story needs some type of conflict to overcome I suppose and the drama its self is just hinted at so it could go in any number of directions from now onward. But this story gives me the impression that the drama will be resolved in a short and sweet manner. Can't wait until chapter 5 is released and see where the author takes us~
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Poor little baby buttercup!!!! Darn you Hajime!!! Don't be playing games because it works for you and you can't bother getting over yourself. Ok rant over. This is really done well, the arts amazing. The characters are interesting. I love the neighbors! But Hajime's dark side (and it's not really “dark” more jerk) was surprising. Like a huge slap in the face. These two obviously have good chemistry and I'm hoping for the HEA but Hajime needs to grovel A LoT!!!!
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