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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I really can't put my finger on what is missing for me about this manga so far. But I like the art. The MFL is likable. I feel sorry for the second ML because he's definitely been friendzoned. I never care for scenes where they ML is intimate w/o/w. But he was thinking of the FL so maybe I'll let it pass. It's kinda forgettable, but still I could see myself binge reading this and lucky for me there's 18 more chapters on the way!!!!
susanbd21 Rating
I had to give up after a few chapters. I liked the premise, but his sleeping around just distracted me too much. Why start with a fling, but then continually point out how flings have no soul? Makes it impossible to believe he'll stay after he finally gets her. No point in continuing to read.
Attalanta Rating
The art style is amazing!! Also, I like how her character's persona is so far, I'm looking forward to see what happens ^^
myyinfatuation Rating
the scenes in the past are so sexy. I wish he still had that tan!! Can we please get a story with a guy who looks like that in the main story line?Also like how the female lead has a STEM job that she's good at (programmer).
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