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Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG y'all Tsubasa is hot!!!! And a gentleman!!! Eek!! Naho go for it!!!! Arts good, but Naho's big peepers kinda threw me off. The pacing is super fast. Want to know where they'll take this newfound relationship to. Wish Renta would allow us to edit our reviews just in case this one takes a turn for the worse. But my gut says this is good.
laniaash Rating
Tsubasa is freaking hot. Ahaha. Only the first chaptwr's out so I can't say much about the plot, but I do appreciate how the romance has unfolded so far. Excited for the next chapter.
boarhandles Rating
Three chapters in and I have enjoyed every chapter's art, dialogue, and story. The ML is really hot, and the way he speaks to the FL during lovemaking is thoughtful and sexy. She's pretty cute as well and has her own backstory that's relatable for anyone who has lost a partner. The reason why I took off one star is because the portrayal of good versus bad is really stereotypical and reinforces harmful perceptions (cops are good & alt looking possibly hacker types are creeps). It's a basic story that only got 4 stars from me because of how good the art is, and how steamy the consensual sex scenes are.
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