User Reviews For: The Impregnable Tiger's Den Knockout


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MilliniaValmar Rating
I really enjoyed this story, and the art was beautiful! There are a couple of colored pages included throughout the series. I haven't read much of the author's other works, so I can't really compare with what else is out there. However, what I really like about this series is the rivalry and the physical aspect where there is physical tension that builds into something more. It's not necessarily physical in a way that is being malicious and for the *most* part it is consensual. The summary is spot on to get the gist of the plot, the pacing is nice, and the story flows well. It's a good read!
Kitsune Rating
As far as the plot of the story is concerned, it's a fairly basic concept in terms of old friends becoming something more (trying not to give away spoilers). But, having said that, the story is very sweet.