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VDemonQueen Rating
So glad these two got more written about them and their life after the first one! Such an amazing story and I just love seeing how human they are, unlike a lot of other BLs where trauma is so often just shown once then it's fixed. Love how you showed his trauma and how slowly they're both working together to help him work through it as a team! Loved that about them in both this and the first one! So beautifully written and drawn too!
legallybling Rating
I love this series so much. The ending was just PERFECT! Thank you for licensing this!!
alienxxi Rating
Still a tearjerker sequel by Yoshio sensei! I'm so in love with how the plot progressed. I super appreciate the effort Hara made and you can really see how he loves Kaoru despite being linked to another person. Hara is such a great boyfriend. I'm so happy for Kaoru to find someone whom he can love, and that one whom loves him so much! This manga totally deserve 5 stars. Sensei did an amazing job in giving Hara and Kaoru's worries a closure. Totally recommending this!
BookJunkie Rating
These stories are gold. :) I am so glad this continuation was finally released. Make sure you read the other two before this one or you might be a little lost.
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