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Love this! can't wait for the next volumes ^^
OMG! I can't believe this title is finally available in English. I've never clicked the purchase button so fast! Love love loooooooooove Yoru's obsessive devotion. 10/10
Love love love loveeee this series and this is no exception. Very happy and cute, the kind of couple that you just want to cheer for forever!
I love this series so much. The ending was just PERFECT! Thank you for licensing this!!
Been waiting for this to be licensed forever and I'm so happy when I finally can read it in English! Love it so much <3
Love this!!!!!!!!! The chemistry of the couple was really fun!
Light and cute! I wish there's more of the side couple, I like them :)
I'm only two chapters in and I'm sooo invested in this story already! The main character is relatable and sweet, and I can't help but to cheer for him. The kids are also adorable! Ahhhh I can't wait to see the continuation!!
Some of the stories feels kind of rushed (a common problem in one-shot anthologies), but overall it's pretty good. Lots of humor and endearing beefy men. My favorite is the 2nd story.
I adore Harada's works and this is no exception. Harada has a way with storytelling that makes even the worst character sympathetic. Heartbreaking and profound.
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