User Reviews For: Stay With Me, My Dear Dragon [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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CoffinBed Rating
This manga is perfect for people who are fan of monsters and dragons! Please don't mind other negative comments. Aside from a sex, this is actually wholesome fluff between adorable dragon and tsundere man but have a kind heart. I don't know why some said they wish for more second couple. I enjoy both, but this manga is mainly focused on the bond of the first couple. (I may be biased, but I really prefer main/first couple than second because of an obvious kink, "plushopilia" to be exact...).I seriously adore how cute the dragon is. Super adorable!
BlackwoodSylv Rating
Honestly, this is now one of my favorites for many reasons. Artwork is cute and creative without being too crowded on the panels. And it's a refreshing take on the Dragon/Human type of romance, and I understand anthro-esque stories are not everyone's cup of tea, especially since things do get a bit graphic while the main is in full dragon form. Main reason why there are poor reviews. But aside from that, the main plot really is cute and uplifting if you just need a feel-good story with some smutty spice mixed in. The second pairing of the first volume were cute as well, but I'm partial to Dragons.
cuddlefit Rating
Art is great but just so you know...dragon sex. Was not expecting it. Thought it would be in the human form. Not my particular cup of tea but I'm sure there are others who will like it.
Berlynn Rating
Amazing! I love the chemistry between the characters. The second couple is my favorite, their perverted obsession with each other is exhilarating . I wish they had more chapters.
I surprisingly enjoy it quite a lot! As some people have commented, this one has dragon x human sexual intercourse and interactions, so keep that in mind. However, despite that, I find the main story very charming and fluffy, the relationship between the human MC and the dragon is just so cute! But on the other hand, I didn't enjoy the second story of as much. I guess I found it lacking. Nevertheless, it is somewhat entertaining.
BookJunkie Rating
Had so much potential.... But I couldn't get over him just doing it with the dragon,in dragon form. The second story the MC uses a strap-on on a cat stuffed animal that the seme gave him, to pretend it's him. Unbeknownst to the MC the guy put a listening device in it.Overall not my cup of tea.....
celestialnecrosis Rating
If you like cute cuddly gay dragons, this is a good read. Probably the cutest dragon from all the manga ive read so far
Lindina Rating
I found myself liking this manga more than I though I would. The art and story are both beautiful. I hope they translate the second volume as well.
Woof Rating
The story was nice an warm and the art is clean and crisp. The sex scenes in dragon form were just the right thing to make the story shine and not be a “dime a dozen” like the majority out-there.
SadAsian Rating
I've been looking for this!!! I'm so happy I found it and apparently volume 2 is on the way. First/main story is great, side/second story wasn't my fave but cute art anyway