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garnetCROW Rating
Young Natsume just moved to the area, only to find out his mother threw out his old ratty blanket instead of packing it. Seems like a normal thing to do, but she never realized that he's been using it as a security blanket for most of his life, due to her busy work schedule. After collapsing from a lack of sleep, Dr.Uzuki finds him and brings him into the clinic, where he tries to cover him with his lab coat, only to 'become' his new blanket (and wonders what the hell kinda sexy things he was doing with his previous blanket!). At first, he only wants the doctor as a warm body pillow to help him sleep, but of couse, things escalate further than just simple cuddling. Is their relationship one of only a doctor treating his patient, or can they both realize that it's so much more?
princetheripper Rating
The story is okay I guess but not really my type. I don't like how the seme keeps sexually harrassing/assaulting the uke without his consent.
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