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ChiiMotosua Rating
So I'm giving this 3 stars because the story I came for was basically unfinished. I wanted the brother story but nothing actually happens except in the older brother's imagination. I was severely disappointed because they don't finish the main story. At all. It was so dissatisfying. The second story was good but I didn't come for that one, I purchased it for the brother story. I want my points back.
garnetCROW Rating
ATTENTION RENTERS! There IS a continuation to the couple story of Shio & Nao. It does not simply end with this volume, but continues where the story left off (after the stalker) in the next volume, 'No Escape From My First Love' which was just released on this site. The first 3 chapters end the brothers' story & then the story flows into the next couple, which are friends to each brother. Shio's manga buddy Yakushiji (first name, Tomo) quite literally runs into an old high school classmate of his (who works with Nao) & runs away. So, if you read this volume, 'I'm in Love With My So Called Brother!', make sure you get the sequel to get the whole story! I'm leaving a 5-star to offset the angry lack of stars because people were unaware of the sequel volume at the time. With this post, now everyone knows this info.
shandra6308 Rating
So not what i wanted
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