User Reviews For: To Not Be Eaten By The Demon


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rexroy101 Rating
Cute art, and the story has potential. Too bad it's attached to a rocket. It hits all the cliched beats of a fairytale yaoi, but not in a satisfying way. The sex scenes are really quick too, so that's not even a bonus. And you don't see the relationship grow. Like the characters tell you they've grown attached, and love eachother and stuff, but damned if they tell you why. It just happens... off screen... very quickly...without context. Easy quick read, but nothing special enough to own.
yellowdoors Rating
What a cute and perfect monger read with a super sexy demon and a nerd who is super shy. If you were looking for a sexy read with amazing art, this is it!
aliphe26shipo Rating
Hot. And fun!
Ray1ofSun Rating
The characters are cute, the plot is nice and it's not cheesy like i thought it would be. Plus, the last seen is cute and steamy ;)
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