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animepie Rating
I love it. The relationship dynamic between the two mains is so nice. It makes me feel all fluffy. Anna is so cute and funny. The way the story portrays the Dom/Sub aspect is so healthy and respectful. Sometimes dom/sub stories can be a bit dubious but not here. Everything is consensual but also sexy. You just want the mains to be a happy couple together.
PeanutChi Rating
Exactly what my submissive soul wants! A healthy sub/dom relationship. This world has these aspects and it is socially accepted and more on the fantasy end of things. But the concept is stoll great. Right amount of sadistic-boyfriend feels!
laura123 Rating
Good story line .and I'm intrigued of what's to come can't wait for chapter 6.
yellowdoors Rating
This was absolutely precious! If you are into kink in real life this is technically super vanilla, but it does have those kink dominant and submissive role plays and dynamics in it in the most precious and loving way possible. This Manga definitely made me squirm, but because it was so fucking adorable ? 10/10!
moonsembrace Rating
I literally cannot wait to read the next chapter