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dirtyangeltoes Rating
I just want to warn future readers so that they know what they're getting into: This author has a lot of very 'out there' plots, and some of them can feel a bit badly paced or disjointed due to the content being so strange (this one deals with a school where men essentially learn to pleasure other men and it's paralleled to how real schools function...just with being graded on sex/oral skills). Keep in mind that this author's writing is often intentional to highlight the strangeness of their plot; if you look at many of their other works they are extremely well done and cohesive. This author's writing style has been notoriously hard to translate from Japanese due to their unique way of phrasing things, which may play a part as well.That being said, I'm not here for the plot. I'm here for the p*rn, as are many others. And Jake Akahoshi doesn't disappoint in that aspect AT ALL. If you're up for a sexy, fun, and crazy story full of debauchery... then look no further.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm so confused about what's going on here. The translation is pretty bad and the transition from one speaker to the next is off a bit and the plot feels a bit all over the place. The arts nice. But this has a very gloomy outlook on life and the future of livelihoods. Like sex work is the only safe bet and now to hone your skills you have to go to academy. Like wtf!? Lmao!!! I mean 2020 definitely showed us that may be the case with OF, but daaaamn. Not gonna lie I wanna see these two fall for each other tho.
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