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Outstanding and unique artwork, with a very interesting premise. The characters have a very fun dynamic that will be hilarious to see play out going forward. All in all, it's going to be an interesting ride for sure and I can't wait for the next chapter! Trigger Warning: Be warned that there is non-con/sexual assault by the bullies for those who cannot handle such things.
Well dang, this manga had a LOT of non-con...in the end, it pretty much ruined the whole thing for me due to how pointless the drama felt and how much the MCs skirted around one another. This story takes place in high school, and these particular high schoolers have absolutely horrible communication skills with one another... It's a plot point in the manga, but a pointless one that felt ridiculous due to how it was carried out. It basically caused one of the main characters to be borderline abusive toward the other one for the majority of the whole manga and just... ugh. Made my head hurt.The story fell flat despite the art being so nice, and it was a bigger disappointment than I thought. Despite my whining, it might be someone else's cup of tea. I just can't stand cliche, abusive yaoi plots involving stupid teenagers anymore... It could have had so much potential, which truly sucks.
Right from the get-go, the plot for this is unique and captivating. There is more going on than we're being told, and it sucks you right in. The story is about a young high-school boy who comes across a fugitive in hiding, whom he then decides to start helping. Obviously the boy is starting to want to know more about this mysterious man, and I can't wait to see where things lead. Their interactions are interesting and wholesome... and add in some absolutely beautiful art work, and I know this manga is going to be great (and hopefully smutty just like all of Ito Agata sensei's other works have been!).So far it's off to an amazing start, I can't wait for the next chapters!
Well, damn! I was expecting kinky due to the tags, but this seriously went above and beyond those expectations. I rarely see the red light district shown so realistically in manga, much less yaoi, so this is an absolute kinky treat. If you're into voyeurism and S&M tendencies, you'll love this. The MC is a well-respected business man with a hidden fetish involving high school boys and sadism... and that's all you really need to know. The art work is absolutely gorgeous as well, which brings it all together into a perfect start.I can't wait to see more chapters and witness how the two MCs relationship will develop under such unique circumstances. Ugh, I love it!!
My God, this is so FRIGGIN' CUTE!! It's essentially a travel back in time/do-over high school romance story, and I'm loving every second of it. The humor is well placed and the MCs make it a fun and interesting read without detracting from the smut. It's surprisingly wholesome as well, so I definitely recommend this manga if any of these things listed tickle your fancy.
Well, this manga is off to an interesting start, that's for sure! It took a much different turn than I was expecting, with one of the main characters turning out to have a pretty... rotten and devious personality, haha. But not in a bad way! Thankfully, I can tell this is going to add some interesting character dynamics between our two main characters, and I'm excited to see where it all leads. Already we have a deviation from typical yaoi manga clichés (thank GOD), with an MC that actually fights back against toxic behavior aimed toward him. Dang, what a breath of fresh air! I'm now fully invested in knowing what happens next (and also really enjoying the art style), I can't wait for more!!
Before renting this manga, I read the reviews mentioning non-con and decided to give it a shot as I assumed it would only happen once/that I could skip it... Boy, was I wrong. This manga didn't have non-con just once, but instead multiple times throughout the story. It even happened multiple times between the main alpha/omega couple, which completely turned me off to their relationship. While I did think the art work was good, it wasn't enough to redeem the manga for me personally. Besides the non-con, I personally felt the story itself fell flat and was extremely cliché. I didn't feel any chemistry between the two main characters beyond 'He's a hot alpha pretending to be my boyfriend, and I'm an omega going into heat... let's diddle & then miraculously fall in love despite knowing NOTHING about each other'. It felt VERY rushed.That being said, the manga isn't absolutely HORRIBLE. It's just not my personal tastes, and I wanted to warn others of just how much non-con it actually has.
Probably one of my favorite manga on Renta! It's the perfect mixture of smut and beautiful art that I love, with an erotic plot line to bring it all together.
It's only the first chapter, but I can already tell this manga is going to pull at my heart strings. It seems to be a story about growth and healing, as one of the main characters had previously been in a war torn country and abused while there (I suppose this could be considered a very small 'trigger' warning for anyone that's not good with handling or seeing people that have gone through physical abuse). That being said, the art is absolutely beautiful and adds to the charm... I can tell I'm going to love it. I'm rooting for both characters to grow together and fall in love, and I can't wait to see where the author goes with their relationship.
I read it all in one go! In my opinion, it was absolutely worth every penny. It's sexy, raunchy, filled to the brim with smut...but also full of love. The art is gorgeous and adds to the charm and smuttiness of what you're reading. It's basically wholesome yaoi that fills your heart. The plot is actually pretty unique for a yaoi, and (thankfully) there's no major drama or angst like many yaoi tend to force on you. It's just filled with a demon that is completely smitten with the gay MC, who's never experienced romance before and desperately wanted to fall in love. Thankfully, he's got a demon willing to 'fill' that role for him... along with other things, hehe. Definitely worth a read if you have the time!!
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