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I absolutely loved the first chapter, it personally hit ALL the right boxes for me. If you're like me and have a thing for the 'good-for-nothing seme' characters that basically bully their love interest before slowly falling in love with them instead, this manga will probably hit the mark for you. The art work was a lot better than I thought, and the plot makes you want to know more about what's going to happen with these two. Definitely worth a read IMO.
As the plot synopsis entails, this manga focuses on a straight man who is forced into the gay porn industry due to a harsh divorce forcing him to find a way to settle the debt he's now left with. From this plot alone, I personally went in expecting a bit more than what I was given...To me, the characters came off as bland and the plot was very rushed. It's only the first chapter, but already one main character is forcing his affections on the other despite showing up out of nowhere in his life. If you enjoy this kind of plot line, you still might enjoy the manga, as the art is not bad. It's not bad by ANY means but it also doesn't stand out much and the characters come off as bland. It's not my cup of tea but still worth a read if you like this sort of scenario with a pushy 'seme'.
The story is a bit cliche and I personally found it boring and bland. The writing just doesn't jump out or offer anything new, but it's not by any means a bad manga. The artwork is decent and it does have some cute moments, but don't expect too much. A bit hit or miss IMO. Some people will love it while others will probably hate it.
I've read endless amounts of yaoi Omegaverse manga out there... Which is to say, pretty much all of it. However, in all the years I've been reading this genre, I've never once come across one with this premise before. The last alpha and omega on Earth are brought together by 'fate', after 100 years of the world believing they're extinct. It's absolutely unique and such a breathe of fresh air in the way it raises the stakes between the main characters. While I do believe that it does feel a bit rushed at times, it redeems itself with the actual character interactions; the tension built up between them is wonderfully steamy. The gorgeous artwork by this author draws you in and makes it a great read. In short, it's HOT, haha.
The first chapter definitely seemed faster paced, but later chapters have gotten better in both writing pace and art work. I absolutely love it and both characters' relationships around one another is cute as heck. The manga itself is funny but not too funny that it distracts or takes away from things. Absolutely perfect IMO.
I absolutely love this artist. They come up with such hilarious but interesting situations and plot points, I'm laughing the whole time only to get caught off guard by how erotic the work is. I'm always falling in love with the characters and in awe at how the artist makes tired tropes feel fresh again by mixing up stereotypical 'roles'. Definitely worth a read, I also personally find the art work extremely charming.
I personally love this so dang much. However, please be warned that there is sexual assault/non-con and that's not everyone's cup of tea. Please remember it's just a story and if you like that kind of stuff, you'll definitely enjoy!!
It was very, very refreshing to read a yaoi with two friend characters where their misunderstanding about where their relationship stands didn't get forced down your throat the whole volume. Any angst gets resolved properly and is not dragged out like so many manga artists like to do.Both characters are idiots but irrefutably into one another. There's lots of great kinky smut and beautiful art, along with a cute story that isn't prolonged or riddled with pointless drama when there could be yaoi sex!
Soooo good!!! I'm genuinely upset that there's not any more to read. The characters are extremely likable and the smut is well done and believable. The seme is absolutely adorable and an all around good guy while still retaining that 'seme charm' that makes him sexy, which is pretty rare in most yaoi. Even though it's not complete, this is absolutely worth a read (along with all other works by the author).
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