User Reviews For: You've Got A Match -An Elite Businessman And A College Kid With A Secret-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is funny!!! The art is just muah!! Perfect! Reiichi is in the slumps since his gf believed him to be a mega cheater (not true btw) and he lives off of praise so he's so starved for kindness and affection he joins a gay dating app since he can't understand women lol!!! Hayato is cute!!! Younger top who has a secret. Can't wait to find out what that's all about. Two hot guys that are both impossibly cute, what's not to love? Next chapter please!!!
coolbeans Rating
I like the art and the black haired MC's personality but it's non-con/dub-con in ch 1/2...
maryfish Rating
I had to stop after ch2 due to the noncon. Artwork is nice and I like the black haired MC. Wasn't into the age gap either.
Catattx13 Rating
I enjoyed Reiichi and Hayato's story so much, despite its very rocky beginnings. (Tags don't lie: Non-con beginnings and Dub-con continuation for a bit). This story is all about growth and learning to open up and trust, between a besotted younger puppy top with a long standing crush and a hard working businessman who really just wants to be loved and adored, but if you can't handle unhealthy beginnings, it's not for you. Some of the usual drama tropes are introduced (ex-gf wants a second chance, coworker finds about gay dating site, etc) but they were handled fairly smoothly and efficiently, no excessive dragging out of it. I was very satisfied with the length, the development, the storyline and the conclusion; I didn't feel cheated of unanswered questions or open plots.
Raven Rating
I absolutely love it. The plot is good and funny but also serious. It's got the tight length. I recommend reading it.
Kuki Rating
They're relationship is honestly so cute
Nasifino Rating
I absolutely loved it !!
Lilmissvanilla Rating
Loved the story!
TheRaikume Rating
It's actually pretty cute.
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