User Reviews For: You've Got A Match -An Elite Businessman And A College Kid With A Secret-


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This is funny!!! The art is just muah!! Perfect! Reiichi is in the slumps since his gf believed him to be a mega cheater (not true btw) and he lives off of praise so he's so starved for kindness and affection he joins a gay dating app since he can't understand women lol!!! Hayato is cute!!! Younger top who has a secret. Can't wait to find out what that's all about. Two hot guys that are both impossibly cute, what's not to love? Next chapter please!!!
coolbeans Rating
I like the art and the black haired MC's personality but it's non-con/dub-con in ch 1/2...
maryfish Rating
I had to stop after ch2 due to the noncon. Artwork is nice and I like the black haired MC. Wasn't into the age gap either.
Kuki Rating
They're relationship is honestly so cute
Nasifino Rating
I absolutely loved it !!
Lilmissvanilla Rating
Loved the story!
TheRaikume Rating
It's actually pretty cute.
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