User Reviews For: Too Overwhelmed By My Boss To Fall In Love


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ummm, yeah!!! Cute! Cute! Cute!!!! I love this. I'm always game for a bit of a role reversal. An older, cooler business owner that can rock the lady pantsuit? Check! Cute, awkward, feminine younger guy that's good at house chores? Check! I like that the h is kind and seems nonjudgemental and is open to hearing the suggestions of our H. Arts really good and it had a feel good vibe going on.
Cressellia Rating
This is so close to being perfect, but I feel like it suffers from the chapters being short. The drama about liking things that aren't "normal" is all at once slow/subtle and fast/overly dramatic. Anyway, I like the characters and the FL is so pretty I can't not read it!
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