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fuyuyume Rating
I feel the 1st couple Ken and Mizuki is odd. I would've enjoyed seeing Ken take the lead once and not get manipulated. Maybe then he could see he likes being a bottom or better yet give him power-bottom energy. The last couple was adorable especially when he realized he may lose his happiness and apologized it was heart warming.
MioAkiyama Rating
Beautiful looking Male leads.1st story - Ken who bleached his hair accidentally, short tempered and looks like a delinquentunrequited love = Mizuki then asked Ken to teach him how to confess and have sex which resulted into a whole new level of comedy and shock. LOL2nd story - one short showing a relationship between a couple2.5) - short side mini one short of the 1st story3) Biting - another one shot between a guy who has 10 years of love that finally confessed to his unrequited love4) *TW* non-con. Unrequited love seeing his love dating around girls to only see him get cheated / dumped . Decide to take matters into his own hands.5) Ultramarine Sinbad - Office worker finally had a day off but had to accompany his surfer bf to the beach, thought to himself that he could be the adult in this rs and let their date always be at the beach. Which eventually leads to an emotional breakdown due to lack of companionship.Highly recommend this tanko all the boys in here are pretty!