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It was annoying how Shinya never compromised on anything, yes, he cooked and cleaned but so what, seriously what else would you do when your partner is literally a child. The story was painfully long. I apologize to the author for my comments but please kill these 2 characters.
I enjoyed the stories, though I do wish the detective couple could become its own stand-alone story I would like to read more about them and the body pillow couple.
Do not let Riku fall too easily, let Shouto feel the fear of losing what he has obsessed over for so long. Riku's strong will is admirable, if he falls for him then he will always be useless. Even if he gives his body voluntarily his will, his heart should never succumb. Shouto should feel the despair of never EVER owning Riku even if he has his body repeatedly. That would be a fascinating story. Oh, the art is amazing.
It's so sad, Great art. Still sad I wonder if the teacher will ever know he is the one to take his virginity. That listening to rumors in school can mess up a bunch of things.
The art is amazing but story wise, I lost respect for Riku. Yes, he was attacked by his ex-boyfriend but if he really wanted to be a proper bodyguard, he could've said I will get you someone to release yourself with. That he vetted and had sign an NDA. Eventually he could've fallen for him, but this story is going cliche. He will abuse Riku then Riku will be like "I think I love him blah blah blah". Make a character who is supposed to be strong have some character as well as conviction. Though I really like the artwork.
NO. I feel Natsuo pushed his feelings on Tsuyuhiko forcefully and guilted him into this "love". Not everyone loves the same and instead of learning Hiko's love language Natsuo forced him to adapt to his own. Yes, he got him out of a bad situation by bending and changing him into who he wanted. That is manipulation not love.
I feel the 1st couple Ken and Mizuki is odd. I would've enjoyed seeing Ken take the lead once and not get manipulated. Maybe then he could see he likes being a bottom or better yet give him power-bottom energy. The last couple was adorable especially when he realized he may lose his happiness and apologized it was heart warming.
I didn't like the fact that Hikaichi had no sense of self. His whole existence was Akira not for him but him. I was rooting for Akira to dump him to see if he would explode. This was a useless read
Cute story but one complaint was that thing on Katsu's lip it looked like either a pimple or a piercing. I guess it was placed to show shiny lips but it was distracting from the character overall look.
I don't like the ending cause it seems shun is just focusing on his happiness and not Haruto. He wanted them together to what torment Haruto to be close to someone he could never have. I wish it had a different ending like Haruto just left and said no to friendship. Shun got Kiyohisa and the baby, why should he get everything he wants. Haruto doesn't get a happy ending and no one is thinking of him.I loved the beginning of the story but I cried for Haruto at the end because his heart gets to break everyday again, just to make Shun happy. Unfair.
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