User Reviews For: Aggressive Sex with an Angelic Smile


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ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
Someone labeled it a NonCon and gave this a low score. But to be honest everything was consensual. It's just in the first chapter the big dumb idiot didn't know what he was consenting to. Love a Himbo. So in chapter 2, he is given a chance to back out properly, but he really needs the money. The story from then on is super cute. Couple of things were not as they originally seemed which I found interesting. Plus, rare to see a story with an masculine bottom and very feminine top, whom is almost always mistaken for a girl. So if you can make it through chapter 1, which seems like NonCon, until it is revealed that he signed a contract for a job without reading the job description. The story gets better with each new chapter after that.
battletoads Rating
honestly I love the story and characters, dunno what the poor reviews are on about
reyji Rating
i love this story!! just finished reading it and the ending gave me cavities and watery eyes, tbh. the bottom/sub is beefy, stupid, and kind, a true himbo that super cute when he's getting teased by the top... and the top/dom (bc there ARE some mild s/D dynamics going here) is a cute, lying, manipulative, but sweet(??) twink. the first chapter is definitely noncon/dubcon, and theres one more Very Brief scene of dubcon in the next chap, but after that everything is 100% consensual and the bottom is having a great time getting his back blown out, lol. good smut, good storyline, good dialogue, good art, definitely recommend it! (side note: brace yourself for the country dialect translation, it fits, but it's comically backwoods-country-bumpkin. definitely grew on me and added to the character's charm, though! good job TL team!)
wayyvii Rating
ahhhh i love these characters, love the story so far (on ch. 10). first few chapters are super smutty, then it starts getting more plot heavy. a rollercoaster of emotions but im loving it :')
CancerDragon Rating
Art ok… Serious NonCon never made it past the beginning of chapter 2
LittlePigs Rating
Good stuff