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i love this story!! just finished reading it and the ending gave me cavities and watery eyes, tbh. the bottom/sub is beefy, stupid, and kind, a true himbo that super cute when he's getting teased by the top... and the top/dom (bc there ARE some mild s/D dynamics going here) is a cute, lying, manipulative, but sweet(??) twink. the first chapter is definitely noncon/dubcon, and theres one more Very Brief scene of dubcon in the next chap, but after that everything is 100% consensual and the bottom is having a great time getting his back blown out, lol. good smut, good storyline, good dialogue, good art, definitely recommend it! (side note: brace yourself for the country dialect translation, it fits, but it's comically backwoods-country-bumpkin. definitely grew on me and added to the character's charm, though! good job TL team!)
I loved this manga a lot!! The art is pretty, the smut is hot, the characters are funny, and the use of the dom/sub verse is just *chefs kiss*. It's a fairly lighthearted story, with just a touch of drama/misunderstandings that's nicely resolved in a relatively timely manner (rather than dragging on for the entire story, lol). I recommend buying it rather than renting, because you'll want to read it again!!
Pretty art!! It's an obsessed top that likes to bully his partner x a dishonest bottom that's weak to pleasure... I was a little dissatisfied with how much Rikuya let Miharu get away with, but that's personal preference tbh. Overall a fun read, definitely hooked me in, just wish it was longer so the characters and plot could've been fleshed out more :') Warning though, it's got a lot of the "technically noncon, but the victim secretly wants/enjoys it, so it's actually romantic!" trope that comes out of left field if that squicks you out, haha.
This author draws expressions really well!!! I ended up paying more attention to how pretty and expressive the faces were at times than what the characters were saying, haha. The plots of the stories are simple and kinda cliché tbh, but in a good way! Sometimes it's nice to read something that isn't super deep and plotty. I was totally lost on what was happening plot-wise after the first story, but each story had a happy fluffy end and that's what matters, lol. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a light read full of pretty art and smut!!
Oh man this was so good. The art is just (chef's kiss) so lovely. The first pairing's story had some parts I wasn't too keen on (dubcon/noncon warning for those not into that!) but the last chapters of their story made up for it, and tied it off very nicely. My favorite story was the second one though, I am such a sucker for childhood friends to lovers, and long haired characters. And the ending was so tooth-rottingly sweet, but also humorous! I wish we got to see more of the two and their relationship, but I'm still satisfied with what was given. Of course, both stories had plenty of smut too, haha. Definitely recommend this :)
I absolutely love this manga!! I can't wait to see it completed :) The art is polished and cute, the characters are funny and have cute little quirks that make them endearing, and the plot is loose and fun, but still present and interesting. Not PWP. It's a lovely build up of the protag getting to know his love interest, and the love interest working hard to be acknowledged and loved. The gap moe for both characters is very real and I love it!!
Overall I liked this story, so not mad about the points spent on it. I wish it was a bit longer, so the hints of something *more* beneath the surface of Tooru's character could be given a chance to be explored. It seems like a typical plot of "virgin gets snapped up by a playboy, then gets ghosted by the playboy bc of Family Expectations" with a side of marriage as an antagonistic plot device, but there's more to it than that I think. Tooru is definitely scum, but there's nuance to it, and he seems to... have actual attachment to Kan? And Kan is just as terrible, making excuses and refusing to let go of Tooru... man, I really wish there was more of this story, I want to know more!! I recommend it for the art, and also if you like layered angst. If a story featuring cheating or scum characters isn't for you, I don't recommend it.
IT'S... SO... FLUFFYYYYY, OMG! Like, yeah, there's some drama a smidge of angst tossed in there, but this is just such a cute and fluffy story. Really hits you right in the feels. Yohta actually grows as a character, and Tatsumi is really kind, gentle, mature, and cool (though in later chapters we see he has a cute, vulnerable side too). The story isn't necessarily a slowburn, but their relationship does feel natural, and their chemistry real. Very cute story, and definitely worth buying permanently, I'll want to go back and reread.
This manga is a FANTASTIC hurt/comfort story, and the relationship is so lovely and sweet. I really enjoyed the approach the author took with Kippei's character, and the way he grows throughout the volume into a better person. Sosuke was also such a lovely character, and I enjoyed seeing him open up and fall for Kippei despite their misunderstandings. The little plot and character details the author wrote in really made this story great for me, and despite it only being one volume, I still became attached to the characters quite a bit. The art style is also appealing and consistent (no yaoi hands here lol), the smut scenes are Good Content, and the writing hit me write in the feels (in a good way). My only complaint is that I wish it was longer, so I could read even more about Kippei and Sosuke!
The smut is great, the art is cute, the characters are fun, and the writing is hilarious. I had tears of laughter in my eyes at the end of chapter one. Can't wait to read more <3
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