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this was very cute!!! it's a simple story about a prickly guy falling in love, learning to accept himself, and opening up to the people around him. nothing super deep or out of left field, the plot is resolved nicely, and the characters are just interesting enough to carry the story along. the art is a liiiittle bit old school, but not in a bad way, i think it suited the story! def recommend this if youre looking for a romantic story!
oh, i was hoping for another dom/sub verse story to be released, so im excited for this!! the first chapter is really good, and seems to be setting up for some interesting plot and character development. also: its a little silly, but the protag, kyoya, is genuinely kinda cool and badass, even if he dresses like a flashy host, so i can already sympathize with the ML's admiration of him ???
oh my god, this first chapter has me absolutely foaming at the mouth!!!! it's somehow exactly what it says on the tin, but also like, fluffy as heck?? also if you're not a fan of blackmail stories, this is like, the most mild one i've ever read (so far! again, writing this after chapter 1), with dubcon nowhere in sight. the protag is sweet, gentle, and a little naive, but he's still aware of the situation and what's going on, and is okay with it happening. all that aside, you should rent this for the art/smut alone, the bottom has huge tits, big shoulders, and an butt you could bounce a quarter off of, it's great. i'm looking forward to the next chapters!!!!
This is one of my absolute favorite stories for cute and romantic, tooth-rotting fluff. It's not really a slowburn, but their relationship definitely grows from strangers, to not-quite friends, to lovers, and it's very cute. The conflict of them misunderstanding each other comes up a few times because they aren't entirely honest with themselves or each other, but its quickly resolved, and by the end they both open up and it turns into an even sweeter romance than before. Really. The stalker/sugar daddy is very clearly an antagonist and you wanna rip him to pieces by the end!! He's in the wrong BL genre!! Shoo!!! But then it's back to fluff and your heart is healed and everything is fine. Honestly, I'm wiping away tears while writing this review because I'm a big weeping sap and the fluffy end made me cry happy tears, lol. Read this!! Join me and Aoi in the "Yuto Is Cute!!" club!!!
This is cute and sweet! A normal guy reads way too much about folklore and the occult, and somehow manages to stop a god from eating him, then... also accidentally marries the god?? Lol. The bottom is the absolutely jacked but pretty white-haired guy on the cover, but he also gets a cutesy smaller form, too. Smut's hot and the plot isn't too deep, give it a read! :)
Okay, this is a surprisingly sweet story? Like, the characters each are kind of awful and have dubious morals and tragic backstories, but they're sweet on each other and help each other heal from their traumas. But it's still got comedy bits and good smut, it's not all hurt/comfort, lol. The art is pretty and the writing is interesting, I recommend giving this a read!!
I come back to reread this manga every once in a while, but I just realized I never left a review, omg. I really liked this story! The art, smut, characters, and plot was very good! As you'll read in the other reviews, the ending definitely leaves you with a, "Wait, what the heck?! That's it?!?" feeling, but I didn't think the twist was as far out of left field as other reviewers are saying, but that might be because I've read it so many times, lol. It's definitely a story you have to read more than once to find all the bread crumbs and hints! I really think the author was planning for more chapters or something, because there's so many loose ends still by the last chapter! (spoilers) Like, did the brother have complicated feelings all along? Why did he apologize to Yoshiki? Did Tsukasa complete his transformation? What's the aftermath like??? Still, I like the story and I'm happy using my imagination to fill in the blanks, haha.
These guys are so ridiculous, and I love that for them? ?? Totally recommend this one, it's HILARIOUS and smutty and scratches all the right spots. Delinquents, cool younger and smaller top, cute himbo bottom. The main pair are idiots with several screws loose, but I have confidence they'll work everything out and continue to be obnoxiously lovey-dovey. Can't wait to see more ???
First chapter def hooked me in, I can't wait to read more!! Setup seems to be for a smutty comedy yaoi with a Normal Guy protag that has cute reactions and is weak to pleasure, and a pair of almost-celebrity twins that latch on to him. So far it doesn't seem like the twins are gonna touch dicks or whatever and the protag is gonna stay between them, but again, it's only the first chapter, lol. I'd say you should give it a read!
Oh my GOD this was just. Chef's kiss. It's so cute and funny!! And the smut is just... it's good. It's REALLY good, lol. I really love these characters, I wish I had a wife like Momoki ? or a husband like Chikage, honestly. Please read it!! It's really, really good! I hope the author has more works!!
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