User Reviews For: No Matter How Much I Cum, Satou Won't Let Go! Which Do You Prefer, Fingers or Tongue?


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boarhandles Rating
I'm really conflicted by this story because the art is really good but the non-con is rampant and it kinda gets creepy by the end of chapter 2. The FL just went through her dog dying so she's in mourning and really dejected. She is drawn in by the ML's hair bc it's like her dog's coat (lol) but he takes it as an invitation and basically assaults her. Then she's like “I didn't hate it, it wasn't awful” after he apologizes for being confused (uhhhh sure) and is like “ok then let's date!!!” Which is honestly just a ruse to get in her panties again, lol. Not sure how it's gonna proceed but it's one of those stories where the girl is totally clueless and the guy just chips away at her with sexual advances while trying to win her over. If you don't mind the lack of consent, you will prob enjoy it.
sasaraRH Rating
I dont why, but this series is totally hilarious to me.Our mfc gets probably an epic climax because she wanted to pet the mmc hair, since it reminded her of her dog. That is funny and leads to some interesting misunderstandings and a great segway into the next chapter. I love the story line/plot (given that nothing is ever really new/original on Renta, you get used to it), details are certainly different, love the art and already its got a great mix of funny and sexy H scenes. 10/10 in my book. But if not your cup of tea (as there is some non con and mfc seems to be a push over in the beginning, which im hoping for development- but only 2 chapters out currently, and already im seeing some slow, gradual development with the characters, hope to see more) then id say read something else thats more to your likes.However if you don't mind all that, and it checks all your boxes, highly recommend! Overall great series!
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