User Reviews For: A Dominating Prince and His Naughty Habits [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Fujoshi93 Rating
This was DELECTABLE. I wasn't quite sure i wanted to buy it because of the price, but I am SOOOO glad that I did, it was well worth it. The story line is cute and well built, and I'm so happy I have this in my library so I can reread it to my heart's content. ?
Scotrod Rating
Don't let the prologue preview scare you away! I almost didn't buy but I decided to give it a shot based on the reviews. Totally worth it!!! The characters are so interesting, and I think the story flows completely naturally. Plus the art is fantastic too!
flyhigh10 Rating
a lot of great smut and a really cute story.
MioAkiyama Rating
Prince Fati (Top) wants to shut down shophouses to reopen a shopping mall and threatens Kadri (Top) to settle it through sex in order to not allow this project goes through.Who would have known? One of the tops reverse and took a bottom role for the rest of the story!A must-read!!
Skaenund Rating
I usually dislike unfaithfulness...but somehow this story managed to feel sweet lol
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