User Reviews For: Cultivator x Contract Spirits [VertiComix]


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KnittedChaos Rating
This is a cute story, filling my void for fluffy and sweet stories; however, as this is a Chinese Webcomic there are no smexy scenes and has censored kisses. It's slightly more expensive here on Renta, but at least I own the chapters and don't have to deal with Tap** and their awful wait until free, can't buy the chapters thing. I have to knock a star off for spelling errors and missing words in this translation; it's still legible, but the errors are quite obvious.
mudsweatandcurls Rating
A really sweet story, very easy to fall in love with these characters.
MangaLover Rating
It's a cute Story with Drama and slowly burn but in the end It's really good even the little side Storys.
Kuraki Rating
The art is cute and the characters are soft and sweet. Very enjoyable read. The character designs are just so pretty it's eye candy each chapter. I always looked forward to the silly expressions and forms of the characters and the author's corner where the fourth wall is basically broken. It's so cute I'm crying omg.
doomsy Rating
There is some relationship drama but overall it's a fluffy sweet story. Sort of slice of life but with cultivators and magical creatures. The focus is more on relationships and day to day life than on fighting/adventure.I enjoy the side characters as well. Some supportive, some mischievious, some scheming, and some silly. They are each unique and a few have their own side stories.I'm currently up to chapter 62.
tiredgrey Rating
Really cute, I love the main characters