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There is some relationship drama but overall it's a fluffy sweet story. Sort of slice of life but with cultivators and magical creatures. The focus is more on relationships and day to day life than on fighting/adventure.I enjoy the side characters as well. Some supportive, some mischievious, some scheming, and some silly. They are each unique and a few have their own side stories.I'm currently up to chapter 62.
This is such a fluffy fun story. No drawn out conflicts or drama. The main couple is adorable, the story moves fast and the art is great. If you are looking for lighthearted smut, sweet characters and relatable quirks, read this.
Very good. Not very realistic in some ways but all the couples are lovely and the ending was satisfying. The art is great too. It's also funny and sweet. Harmless smutty/fluffy goodness.
The drama is drawn out for no clear reason but the characters are cute and the end is sweet. Nice, light read.
This was so good. The writing was relatable funny, sweet, charming, sad and fun. The main couple is so cute. I really wish there were more chapters but I wouldn't want it to devolve into unnecessary angst. I will definitely revisit this series in the future. Oh, and the main lead is super sweet.
The story is a bit rushed but the characters are so cute and it's super steamy. So if you are looking for smutty fluff this is right up your alley.
Consent is a big issue for me so it being unclear whether Teru was consenting or not bothered me for most of the volumes. The only one that seemed to get consent at first was Yuga. The last volume was good though. Teru finally spoke his mind and consented. Koki is too forceful to me. I prefer Yuga. The art is good though and, while Koki's isn't really developed, the volumes do provide some insight into Teru and Yuga. My feelings are very mixed on this. I wish it was about Teru and Yuga without Koki.
Very sweet and funny. I wish the MC was bolder about his feelings but I think it makes it nicer when he lets his emotions show. There should really be another volume because it felt like things were just getting good at the end.
Both pairings were so cute and I loved the way they loved each other. Definitely worth a re-read. It is also full of great smut if you like that type of thing. Just sweet, fluffy, cute smut. Read and enjoy!