User Reviews For: I Want to Make My Demon Boss Blush!


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MariaV Rating
OMG this is so cute and sweet. The FL is headstrong, confident, straight forward, refreshing and competent at her job, the ML looks gruff and is snappy when people do poor work but he's a nice guy deep down that's quite noticeable in all his interactions with the FL. He's surly, tough cookie acting but is a massive blushing softie! Art is great, the leads' dynamic is good, I can't wait to read more. The description hints at a blackmail element, but it's nothing like that, just keeping each other's secrets if the FL agrees to work more with the ML as she's good at her job. I can't wait to read more, a great introductory chapter.
CapDeadpool17 Rating
Both characters were likeable and the story was not too confusing. The whole thing was created pretty well to be easily understood and liked.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ohhh this is scrumptiously delicious!!!! This is seriously one of the best mangas on this site. I love it!!! I love male leads with sharp teeth and a sugary sweet soft side only few know about and female leads that are tough and confident but have romantic sentiments too!!! Together they compliment each other perfectly!!! It's a slow burn for sure but every moment is cute, funny and addicting!!! Love that she's always trying to make him blush because she thinks it's adorable but winds up making herself blush like crazy too!!! Too darn cute!!!
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