User Reviews For: One Helluva First Time [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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reyji Rating
This author draws expressions really well!!! I ended up paying more attention to how pretty and expressive the faces were at times than what the characters were saying, haha. The plots of the stories are simple and kinda cliché tbh, but in a good way! Sometimes it's nice to read something that isn't super deep and plotty. I was totally lost on what was happening plot-wise after the first story, but each story had a happy fluffy end and that's what matters, lol. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a light read full of pretty art and smut!!
Sprikles Rating
Most of the couples in this anthology are really goofy and cute, and I love them! But either the second or third couple is brothers, and it's just weird and creepy, imo. But I'm also not into incest in any yaoi, so make of my take what you will. Still worth the money, even with the creepy incest couple!
aberdeen109 Rating
I bought this because I love office-workers, but I'm writing this review to give a warning: 2nd story is incest between brothers (4 different stories in total). 3 stars feels inaccurate as I really enjoyed the 1st story but I can't give any more stars considering that I was really blindsided by the 2nd.
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