User Reviews For: Devil and Politician in the Playroom


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PennyDreadful Rating
So.... I really like bdsm and this felt... Meh? More than meh. So, the good? The art is nice. The not so good? The story is slow, and... I don't really ever get invested in any of the characters. We spend a long time starting the story, then flash by the stuff that might actually make the characters relatable or likeable. It's like hearing the story from someone else who read it. I have no idea when either of the main characters fell in love. It just becomes a thing, like, oh, I love you now, for no reason other than one random bdsm encounter. Maybe others will like it, but this one was lackluster at best, and honestly? Not the worst I've ever read, but it was pretty disappointing. Will not make it on my re-read list.
Jellygay Rating
Hardcore AND wholesome. Loved it!
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