User Reviews For: You Can Touch Me, So Can I Nibble On You?


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FoxyFlare Rating
Oh my (^///^) ~<3 …. This story has the makings of all my favorites in it. This is gona be a good one! I can't wait for the next Chapter!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
OMG!!! Aoi is so yummy!!! He's got that quiet hot guy thing going on. If only all of these gym trainer and client stories actually motivated me to workout more lol!! Toko is so relatable and I'm liking both them together, like they work so well together. This is hot y'all!! Aoi is ripped!!! I love that he just can't define what his feelings for Toko are quite yet, but he likes her enough to have her be his first!!! Idk why but this is too stinkin cute!!! So far its going in the best direction for me lol! Next chapter please!!
Tantalusqual Rating
Love it so far! A chubby heroine, a sweet and muscular guy in a very refreshing and so far wholesome relationship.The art is very nicely done and the little comical face panels of the heroine make her just all the more relatable and likable.Only thing that feels kind of weirdly set on top is the title-giving fetish of the love interest to nibble on the heroine. I feel like the story would be completely fine and working without this element. Still, it's all loving and consensual, so it doesn't really ruin the story. Just feels redundant.Overall really recommendable if you like the sweet type of adult romance.
eknystrom Rating
Aoi is THE SWEETEST! My favorite kind of hero. Heart eyes!
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