User Reviews For: I May Be a Mythical Beast Who Narrowly Escaped Death, but Isn't This Wrong?


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Lonelybambooshark Rating
This is 100% pure smut, so if you're looking for story or romance you're NOT gonna find it here, lol.I really liked the art, and buff bearded bottoms are my favorite, so I enjoyed this :)(Sorry for the very short review, there really isn't much to say, lmao)
Waterbaby09 Rating
Very nice I just wish it was longer
Bec Rating
The first chapter is mostly porn, but the world set-up is interesting I'm very much looking forward to seeing how it develops from here! Also a solid choice for any monster lovers out there.
Mimic Rating
Love the artstyle very much! Wish I could follow the artist in other social media, and the world building was very interesting! Yes it's pure smut and all but the little glimpses we get of the world are SO cool
ReviewrName Rating
Funny concept, no real plot at all which to be honest isn't what you'd look for in something like this, but... man, 90% of the panels were so dang difficult to understand what the heck was going on. The art style was fine, but the pages were mostly chaotic messes and really difficult to read.
Angelfox7 Rating
I injoyed this very much! I do so wonder if the beast would of left is 1 women sayed shed go with him only cuz im cirious about the other world but i do love the story as it stands.
SadAsian Rating
Love the art and the story is really cool. Wanna know what happens next