User Reviews For: Charming Scarface


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CC Rating
Great one! So sweet and emotional ? I would definitely reread this again and again.
Cram Rating
It would be 5 stars if one would always know who is talking. It's kinda difficult when you have to figure it out from context. In the beginning somewhat forceful, why? Overall nice story.
Boilove93 Rating
Love this manga! I've re-read this at least 5 times since I bought it about a year ago! It's definitely worth it! I just love childhood friends to lovers and all that angst.
thewritinggirl Rating
I honestly got a bit tired of it, it was repetitive and dragged out for a bit too long. The mc seemed to cry all the time and there was just so many unnecessary comments and moments. It was just a little messy which for me caused the rest of it to fall apart.