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Splendid. Promising. Nice art. But: Why so short?
It would be 5 stars if one would always know who is talking. It's kinda difficult when you have to figure it out from context. In the beginning somewhat forceful, why? Overall nice story.
Completed? There is one chapter missing, at least. ;)
Slow burn here. Nice relatable story. For the missed smutty action get the bonus chapter.
I really liked the wolf-story, there could have been a lot more. The first story was not so good unfortunatly.
Happy end is sure, but what a terrible beginning including stockholm syndrome.
There are some confusing time lapses. If you know about it it's no problem.The cat will play a surprising and important role.
No, the author could have done a better job and the editor too. Too many time jumps. Hard to read. Obsessive, but not really loving behavior. Second couple a bit better. I'm actually disappointed. Recommend rent only, if you don't mind.
Cute. I always thought it was a scam. It turned out ... nah, no spoiler.
Only 14 chapters? That's definitively too short by far. Arrgh!
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