User Reviews For: Use a God Right, and the Impossible Can Happen!?


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Awwww man, that plot twist at the end of chapter 2 is totally different from what I was expecting and I love that!!!! Naomasa and Mitaka are total opposites in every way but they are adorable together!!! Naomasa is so funny as the straight laced porn star who is having a bit of trouble with his manhood and Mitaka is the cheeky cheerful freeloading god that's gonna make him happy by granting his ultimate wish?-going back to work. Or is it? It's funny, sexy and sweet. Definitely worth the $ to keep for rereading.
Kazz Rating
Oh. My. Gosh!!!!! I was just curious and bought the first chapter and I couldn't stop my self from purchasing the rest!! ?In some scene (maybe Most Of them) Mitaka appears to me like as shota but that DOESN'T PUT ME OFF. HE'S UBEEER CUTE, GUNDAMMIT! And I kinda like that.
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