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Cygnus Rating
What an interesting start for this story lol, many potentials! I can't figure out who's going to be seme or uke yet from 1st chapter now that seduction turned into name binding master/servant relationship..? lol.. Looking forward to see where this is gonna go. XD
reyji Rating
This is cute and sweet! A normal guy reads way too much about folklore and the occult, and somehow manages to stop a god from eating him, then... also accidentally marries the god?? Lol. The bottom is the absolutely jacked but pretty white-haired guy on the cover, but he also gets a cutesy smaller form, too. Smut's hot and the plot isn't too deep, give it a read! :)
madhatter Rating
Caution, spoiler-ish review. Just read chapter 1 but it seems that it's not my cup of tea. I'm expecting the MC to be uke from the cover's illustration but I'm not very sure at the end of chapter 1. For some weird reason, the manly looking god is reduced to a feminine body size and I'm not sure how the sex scene gonna come out. Not very fond of small seme :v
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