User Reviews For: Reunion -The Nian Monster and the Centaur-


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Byzantene Rating
HOT! Uncensored. Nian beast x Centaur action~ The artwork is beautiful. Big recommend! Not sure if there will be more, but I'm reviewing after reading the only released chapter at the moment. Sweet story of childhood friends who enjoy an intimate moment after a long time :)
Lilith Rating
The art style is really pretty and the story is simple. The steamy scenes were a lot better than I thought they would have been.
beefly Rating
Nutty 5 great glad I rented it now I will buy it now
Maevalily Rating
This was really sweet and hot! I've never really read a manga where the schmexy scenes were drawn as centaurs (4 legged) and stuff but yup! I don't mind it at all xD
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