Maevalily's Reviews & Ratings

This was so cute, so hot and so wholesome! 2 chapters of this manga feels like 4-5 chapters story progression in other series. I loved it!
Oh wow gotta say I did not expect it to turn out that way ? such a bold omega hahahaha it was hilarious too!
Oh no what to do? I want so much more of this story ? it's so good! Fluffy and super consensual and sexy I love everything about it ??
Oh my… gaaaaaa this was the cutest and steamiest story ever! It was sooooo much fluffiness and smut and it also made me laugh the entire way! I really loved the whole cast of characters ?? Definitely a keeper, I read it all in one go and upgraded it straight after I was done!
This story is too cute! The art is amazing, the story amazing! The consent ?? is amazing!! Anyway I can't believe that's the end I want more. I'll be waiting for this author's future works!
I loved this manga, it was so cute and silly!I like how we get to read from both of the character's POV and that changes how we see the characters quite a bit.I've read many mangas and this one is not plot heavy but it's a good and cute cohesive plot which makes sense and the smut is just right! ? 100% recommended!
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