User Reviews For: I Don't Give a Damn About Pure Love


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Ren and Sakura are so funny!!! One is truly a pure maiden who will do whatever it takes to get their object of affection to realize how devoted they are and the other is a size queen who is going to be a lot of work lol!!!! Together they make the perfect comedic duo. The story is funny and cute and hot!!! The art is great and I can't wait for more updates!!!!
CancerDragon Rating
Perfectly smutty & funny
Leatrixrmf Rating
One chapter in but I love this one already! Lots of humour and snarky comebacks from the MC who knows what he wants when it comes to his personal satisfaction - but doesn't want to admit his weaknesses. As for his seemingly innocent partner - well seems he has enough skills to impress the after hours player, in addition to being suitably endowed for the size queen MC.Definitely happy vibes and low angst.
radish Rating
Hella cute, hella hot, hella funny
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