User Reviews For: I Devote My Youth To Shizuka


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makmaklala Rating
That first chapter is absolutely chaotic. You literally cannot follow what is happening AT ALL, it's as if half the story with dialogue and narrative and scenes have been completely taken out and so we're left with breadcrumbs of whatever the hell that was.Didn't keep reading, so I don't know if it gets any better, but chapter 1 was a sh!t show.
CancerDragon Rating
The art style gives a good impression of the chaos in his mind, we will see where the story goes. NON-Con warning
Cram Rating
No easy read. The story could be good, if it wasn't so hard to read. The first chapter starts confusing, and later there are some places, where this occurrs again, matching the inner confusion of one protagonist. Also you can't figure out sometimes who speaks. The end was pretty sudden and unsuspected. Not much explained. If the author reads this: You can't expect people to read the air in a manga. We readers can't know what you imagine in your mind if you don't spell it out. Please do better next time.
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