User Reviews For: Don't Get in the Way of Shun's Romance


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MrCarloCat Rating
Omg, this is soooo cuuuuttte!!! Kaoru is absolutely adorable, and Shun, despite his simple looks, can be so sexy~ I love this already, and I can't wait for the next chapter!!
reyji Rating
These guys are so ridiculous, and I love that for them? ?? Totally recommend this one, it's HILARIOUS and smutty and scratches all the right spots. Delinquents, cool younger and smaller top, cute himbo bottom. The main pair are idiots with several screws loose, but I have confidence they'll work everything out and continue to be obnoxiously lovey-dovey. Can't wait to see more ???
ExO Rating
I got this as a recommendation and I'm not disappointed. It's so nice to see a clear expression of enthusiastic consent. The heart eyes - love to see that. 10/10 would recommend. I hope there will be more chapters~
Celestialfire Rating
I'm obsessed with these 2 they are so cute! I can't wait for the next ch. to come out. 10/10 highly recommend this manga!!!
CancerDragon Rating
This is fantastic… Story is great, flow is great, art is great + consent. ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
KingDRAGON Rating
Very fun to read and reread. A smutty comedy, it has some good small jokes that hit big on my first read. My favorite facial expressions from anything I've read on the site; adore those love-blind heart eyes. Very satisfying to finish, still I'd jump on another story with these characters.
nbyk Rating
Excellent, only wish it was longer.
Kikip Rating
Super cute, wish it was longer! Love the blonde character, his faces are super cute
EB Rating
Perfection, 15/10. Art is gorgeous and every character looks unique, all the personalities are strong and well-defined, dialogue is hilarious and very natural & realistic, couple gets together in the first few pages after which the story is fast-paced and funny - just absolutely no complaints. I'll take ten more of these, thanks.
mikaaaa Rating
Love it! There's just something about Shun's soulless eyes that really do it for me lmao. I read this going in not knowing what it was about and this easily became something I enjoyed reading and then found myself checking frequently for updates. The mc is a big burly cutie. Then there is shun whos kinda the opposite but powerful also...idk lol. Without giving much away I'd say their dynamics are interesting. And if I had any complaints it would be I'd love to see more of shuns povs so far but even the side characters are enjoyable.Overall The scenes are hot, story doesn't drag, and it's funny with a touch of dark humor. I'd recommend.
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