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Ayala55 Rating
If it were possible to post no stars I would. At first you think that they are gonna be close brothers and one develops a crush but then the younger brother turns twisted and angry which if there were enough story here to resolve it, wouldn't be a problem but they don't put the effort in to make anything make sense.
ebookrenta0dn4szlgk Rating
I don't understand why this is marked complete. It has no ending. The main characters are having a conversation that just cuts off and nothing is resolved. So there is a non~con scene, but since the story just stops there is no justification for it or redemption. Just truly awful.
Sketchy Rating
The art is pretty nice, but I definitely got tonal whiplash. I went in expecting something a little more tender and it took a REAL sharp turn into non-con. Not really what I was expecting from the opening pages and blurb.
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