User Reviews For: Captured By The Masked Murderer -Okay, We'll Get Cozy... Just Don't Kill Me!-


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AJ Rating
If you're into powerful and sweet murderers, this is for you. I'm hoping for more of this strong, rutting, possessive and clearly secretly handsome killer with his coy, shy and being won over victim/lover.
desiii Rating
i was waiting for this one!! it's such a funny and cute story, i love it, and you'll love it too!
dd9d Rating
Love the main character, Taichi. He's somehow sassy and energetic but down to earth at the same time. He's just a quirky little guy and it makes for a great character dynamic with the stoic, flat-toned Deeta, who is both unhinged and naive at the same time. Can't wait until we finally get to see his face! Also Ref is such a weirdo I love him.
mikaaaa Rating
Love this author! Purchased to show support. Triggers galore but also a dark comedy, Stockholm syndrome. Just stick it out if you're okay with darker themes. Scenes are very hot, (and disturbing at times) I'd recommend. My only complaint was be the spin couple, didn't care for them. Even if your someone who can't stomach heavy themes well, I think this a gem in bl.
catrell Rating
I love this so far! This manga is a very good read. It's dark yet still comedic and it flows very well. I just love everyone in the cast too. Every character is very unique and I can't wait to keep reading.
ShikiTii Rating
So far I'm liking what I'm reading, I've never read a yaoi about killers and murders. It's like a new type of kink or something. I just hope Deetas love is officially realized by Taichi.
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