User Reviews For: Gobbled Up By The Beast Spirit


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MissMaus Rating
FYI this is non con to start, there's mind control/magic of some sort at play here so it starts ick (she doesn't remember anything really), but I'm genuinely curious to see how their relationship evolves.
Leatrixrmf Rating
OOOhhhh! Looking forward to see where this one goes! The story is a bit of the "insta love" trope given co-workers to lovers over a very short space of time - and there is the non-con part around "feeding" off women and them not remembering the deed afterwards. If that makes you feel a bit ick - then take a star or two off the review. Otherwise, if you love the supernatural creature vibe of the male lead and the build up to the female MC finding out the "truth" about her new boyfriend, then by all means buy this title.
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Five stars for the art alone. Super pretty. I'm still weirded out with the whole mind control thing where the women can't recall their interactions with him once he's done “feeding” off of them, but it's got potential for sure. Uru is the everyone woman we can relate to. Nice, cute, hard working but easily overlooked. And Nokyo in his disguise is all too noticeable and very popular. I'm liking that he's only feeding off of her now but wondering how much longer until she's fully aware of his true self and what that means for them. Very interesting
FlixChicReBoot Rating
As I understand it when this couple (a sexual chi eater in disguise and a human coworker) reach zenith he finds"a moment of perfect happiness" and is vulnerable to losing control. Then similar to when a magician depletes their own power source this could cause them (or a siphon) to lose consciousness, fall sick and even die. I think this is where her black out drunk type memory comes from. Maybe If they don't find the summit of bottomless bliss she won't drop to rock bottom so hard her memories get left behind. Maybe those sweet sweaty memories just get eaten all up... IDK Food for Thought