User Reviews For: The Male Love of a Naive Baseball Boy


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Jellygay Rating
The premise of the story started out okay with the age gap but chapter 5 really showed the seme as a pedophile and contained a slightly explicit scene of the MC as a child so I say avoid if you don't want any of that. I won't be finishing this manga at all.
Softpinktoebeans Rating
I love this story. Its super sexy (story and artwork). The younger guy is so horny for the older one, he's throwing himself at him all the time and is so cute and eager. The older one is hesitant at first, trying to tell the younger guy to go find a girlfriend instead. Its a little sus that the older one has liked the younger since he was a child, but nothing untoward ever goes down between the two when the kid is at such a young age. Its more like an older and younger bro type relationship.Very sexy duo, sweet love story.
CuteCherry Rating
Okay so I am incredibly conflicted with this one. One minute it's cute with a little angst and the next minute we find out the dudes pretty much a pedophile. Nothing happens until they're of age, but it still makes me uncomfortable. What's annoying is it's only a small portion of the book and it could've been taken out without affecting the story too much but because it's there it brings it way down for me
CC Rating
The art style is gorgeous and the story was sweet and sexy.