CuteCherry's Reviews & Ratings

It was cute and funny! Not so much of the hot stuff but the cuteness makes up for that
It's better than I expected but was very rushed at the end. There's a classic misunderstanding towards the end that was resolved far too quickly (if I was Rina I'd need a lot of convincing about the truth). It was good but just a little too quick. The art was okay and there was a surprising amount of smut but all in all I'd say 4 stars.
WHAT WHY DID IT END WHAT I NEED MORE LIKE A LOT MORE it ended so abruptly but honestly that's the only bad thing, the story is AMAZING, it's so hot and steamy, the characters are so much fun, it has comedic elements and altogether it was so so good, I just wish there was more!!
SO CUTE kind of a cheesy story but I thought it was adorable, there was the perfect balance between fluff, smut and angst. Not only that but the art is absolutely incredible. I'd recommend this to anyone who's in the mood for something cute.
It's cute but has a very basic story - the devil and the angel of the class like the same girl. There's no smut, the art's pretty good. All in all its cute
It was extremely cute, the art was super pretty but it ended so suddenly I almost couldn't believe it was finished. It just stops halfway through a plot point. I was close to give it 3 stars because of this but the rest is okay and cute so I gave 4
SO GOOD would highly recommend only if you like a lot of smut, there's pretty much smut on every page but the overall story is a classic and the art is soooo good
Couldn't really get it to it, plus surprise surprise the guy has multiple girls on the go. Not my taste personally
I'd give it more than five stars if I could. The main four characters are so cute and the stories are great. The relationships are good too, and there's plenty of hot smut. The art is impressive too - I couldn't recommend it more
The first story was a classic non-con at first then the sub convinces himself that if doesn't let the dom initiate then he'll get in trouble (never really understood this trope). The second is friends becoming f*ck buddies, the avoiding each other, then admitting feelings. Both pretty predictable but alright stories with good art and good smut