User Reviews For: Naughty Models -A Sensual Picture Book Of Beefy Guys In Suits-


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Seregil Rating
Well, that synopsis doesn't quite cover how kinky it turns out Makoto is, haha...... Anyway, if you like gorgeous, buff men having lots of hot sex, this is worth at least a rent! The main story takes the bulk of the volume, but there's also a couple of oneshots. The relationships portrayed are pretty consensual (huzzah!), but there's one instance in the main story where there's voyeurism (specifically, a bunch of third-wheels watching) and Arata doesn't know about it at first (and he's briefly uncomfortable about it but does get on board at the end). I don't think the volume as a whole is meant to be humorous, exactly, but there's a lot to amuse (I enjoyed the oneshot of the guy with a big dick crushing on a guy with a great ass). A pretty fun romp, I thought!
Catattx13 Rating
I could have read a thousand more stories of a couple hundred more couples, to be quite honest. I adore older uke's, and this was a delicious feast for the eyes. Expansive chests, plump rears, fine lines, and slutty power bottoms who beg for it while already bending into position. It's 3 couples in total, with no real TW other than Chapter 5 having a little forced exhibitionism to start (but he does wind up getting permission and then they go nuts) and the final couple was a spicy dub-con. This series is a treat for my fellow exhibitionist and voyeuristic enjoyers, and the dirty talk had me gasping with shock or laughter. Delightful read overall, with two of the couples ending in romance and the last one having more of an open-ending, but in a funny way. I look forward to the mangaka's next work with MUCH enthusiasm.