User Reviews For: A Gorgeous Convenience Store Clerk's Twisted Love


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Catattx13 Rating
This is perfect for those who love a bit of crazy, whack-a-doodle vibes with their love story, lol. 12 year age gap, with a 39 yo bottom (yum!) and a 27 yo top, who has a few crazy eye panels. Mild stalking and some good old fashioned obsession are the foundation for this adorable couple, and somehow, it works! Ending did feel a bit abrupt, but things were resolved(ish) and happiness for all, so I wasn't terribly upset.
HaHaReads4Pleasure Rating
I enjoyed this manga. The romance developed quickly. It was sweet, steamy, and funny. There is a 12 year age gap between the characters. The younger is a bit immature and impulsive for 27, but likeable. I expected more from the ending. It didn't feel finished, but the story was entertaining. And, if you like cats, there are cuddly fur babies.
ricecakes Rating
the art is gorgeous! and the character dynamics are funny and unique
Torihakarau Rating
Ahhh I really loved this story! Both characters have intresting personalities and the art is beautiful. Really enjoyed how Fumio was always on the edge of going feral, but Itsuki would just go with the flow and match his energy. Do wish there was a bit more at the end showing a bit into the future.