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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I remember reading this somewhere a while back and if you, like me after reading the first chapter were hooked, just know it gets better!!! You never really know what you're getting yourself into but the dynamic between Mr. Aoki and Mr. Tengoku is of predator and prey, before anything long lasting. The art is my favorite part though!!! Has that suspenseful vibe going for it. Can't wait to reread this one all over again!
Fonfulec Rating
This is just excellent. Mature writing, humour and artwork, unique and realistic. Incredibly intricate character lore and story building. Magnificent erotic scenes and chemistry. I keep reading it from start to experience all the little details. And art. I just admire the art so much.It's just so real. No excessive sobbing, down-to-earth, just perfect. I can relate to this so much. Might be my fav novel book I've ever had the pleasure to experience.
valiantmuffin Rating
This quickly became one of my favorite mangas! I love the mature feel of the art and the storytelling. How they utilize silence and the emotion conveyed in just a look is so GOOD! Highly recommend!
Kdhjdjdjdj Rating
I love this one SO MUCH T___T <33333This is one of my fave and im so glad i finally finished all of the chapters/volumes. My other fave is something something bestfriend? Idr lol but yeah gosh pls read this one <3